6 Tips for Cultivating Loyal Customers

If you were to look at every other company’s business model, you would find that most of them agree that customer retention is more important than acquiring customers is. While gaining customers is important, it does cost less if you can retain a client. This is why your company needs to put emphasis on customer loyalty. Here are six ways that you can cultivate loyal customers.

1.  Follow Through With Promises

When you make a sales pitch, make sure that you follow through with it. Treat the sales pitch like a contract. Every promise that a salesperson agreed on with the customer needs to have a follow through.

2. Do As you Say 

If you don’t follow through with what you say you are going to do, then you are going to start losing customers. If you do not meet the expectations that you set, then they are going to look elsewhere. Deliver on everything that you discuss. Likewise, keep track of what you discuss so that nothing falls through the cracks.

3. Follow Clear Success Metrics

In a business relationship, both parties need to perform to expectations. Make sure that you have mutually agreed on KPIs. Track and align your metrics so that you can prove your partnership and progress towards the same goal.

4. Stay Connected Through Automation

Sometimes you can’t be in personal contact at all times. This is where automation helps. Automated e-mails help stay connected. Likewise, it keeps your business at the front of a client’s mind if he or she has you in his or her e-mail consistently. When you do this, you’re more likely to succeed at customer retention and the client won’t look elsewhere.

5. Be a Brand Ambassador

Make sure that your client knows that you care about them outside of your service area. For instance, connect a client with other businesses outside of your expertise that you think that he or she could find useful or helpful. If your client wins an award or is in the media, make sure that you congratulate them. These gestures show that you care.

6. Develop Multiple Relationships With Clients

There should be more than one person nurturing the relationship between business and client. If a relationship hinges on one person, you may lose accounts if that person leaves the company. Your client has needs and wants and it’s important that you pay close attention to these.

When it comes to customer retention, there is an art to it. With a few simple tips, it doesn’t have to be difficult, however. You can start to retain clients right away.

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