Gain Security For Your Business With Accounts Receivable Financing

While many small business owners see financing as a potential risk, the truth is that financing is incredibly safe and accessible. One of the best types of financing that is designed specifically for helping small business owners out of a difficult situation is accounts receivable financing. This type of loan is for when your income has a small gap and you need a way to cover it. Learn more about Swiftridge Capital, financing receivables, and small business loans.

How it Works

Instead of relying on credit, this kind of loan uses unpaid invoices as collateral. You are able to receive this capital instantly, instead of waiting for clients to pay. Then, when it is time for your customers to fill their invoice, we collect from them instead. In addition to making it essentially impossible to accumulate debt, this type of loan has these benefits:

  • More flexible options
  • Shorter time to process
  • No fixed payments

If you find yourself in a bind, turn to Swiftridge Capital. We are committed to helping your small business succeed, no matter what your unique needs are. Give us a call today to learn more. We would be happy to answer any and all of the questions you may have about our services or small business loans.