Expanding Your Business Using Franchise Financing

Running a small business is no simple task. It is important that you understand all the tools you have at your disposal to ensure the success of your business. One of your very best options is franchise financing. While many business owners are hesitant to apply for a business loan due to worries about accumulating debt or not being approved, the reality is modern loans are safer and more accessible than ever before. The key to avoiding these risks is choosing a loan plan that matches your exact needs. At Swiftridge Capital, we work with each client to determine the best type of financing so they have the best chance of success.

Common Uses for Franchise Financing

There are many different ways you can put your small business loan to work for you. If it is leveraged correctly, you can significantly improve your income long after you have finished making payments. The most common ways to utilize the acquired working capital include:

  • Refinancing or consolidating debt
  • Purchasing new equipment or repairing old equipment
  • Providing specialized training for current staff
  • Hiring new staff members
  • Completing a remodel for your real estate
  • Expanding to a second location with new real estate
  • Increasing the advertising budget

Turn to Swiftridge Capital to get the financing you need to expand or secure your small business.