The Healthcare Financing Options From Swiftridge Capital

Financing is one of the best options that small business owners have at their disposal to ensure their business remains successful. This option is available to operators of small healthcare practices as well. Because your patients have come to rely on the services you provide, closing your doors is simply not an option. At Swiftridge Capital, we are committed to helping you be approved for the healthcare financing you need. The key to a successful loan is finding the right financing option that is tailored to your unique situation exactly. Some of the different options you available include:

  • Medical equipment leasing – You rely on your equipment to diagnose and treat patients every day, but this hardware is incredibly expensive. This type of financing makes it possible to repair, upgrade, or purchase new equipment.
  • Practice acquisition – Get a loan to acquire your first practice, or expand to a second location.
  • Debt consolidation – If you are making payments each month, you can likely benefit by having your payments combined and reduced.

If your healthcare practice could benefit from healthcare financing, turn to Swiftridge Capital. We will get you the working capital you need to thrive. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today to get the process started.