Using Purchase Order Financing to Grow Your Business

There is a common problem that any small business that is growing quickly may face. It is so common, in fact, that your business may have already suffered from this issue. If you are expanding and taking on bigger and bigger orders, you may receive an order that is so large, you do not have enough working capital to undertake it. If this happens, your only option normally would be to turn the client away and get nothing for having attracted them. Instead, choose purchase order financing. This special type of loan is designed for this situation exactly. The benefits of order financing include:

  • Avoiding accumulating debt
  • Avoiding bad reputation
  • Short approval and processing time
  • Improving your market share
  • No lost equity

Turn to Swiftridge Capital to learn more about order financing and how you can be approved.

How It Works

When you are approved for purchase order financing, you immediately receive the capital you need to fill the order. You are free to meet your client’s every expectation. Once you have finished, we collect a portion of the invoice as payment for the loan, leaving you with the profits. This means it is nearly impossible to accumulate debt. Swiftridge Capital is committed to getting you approved for a small business loan.