Office Environment: 4 Tips for Improving your Office Space

A good office environment is the Holy Grail of work. In an ideal world you would have a pleasant place to work with nice window views of a park or lake, comfortable chairs and ample desk room, wonderful co-workers who are inspiring and helpful, and of course a great boss who is thoughtful, intelligent and understanding. Very few workers get all of these, and you should probably consider yourself lucky if you get a couple of these. However, there are a few things that you can control, improve or change to make your work world a better place.


Consider these four tips as potential effective ways to improve your office environment, for you and your co-workers.


  1. Control What You Can


Personalizing your work space can bring a lot of satisfaction to you, especially when things aren’t going well. Place a few of your favorite photos on your desk or on the walls. Pictures of friends, loved ones and pets can coax a smile from you even when your computer is spinning or locked up. Keep your area clean and smelling nicely. Place a few of your favorite quotes in sight, either to inspire you or make you laugh. Post a favorite cartoon somewhere nearby.


  1. Resist the Urge to Gossip or Talk About Co-Workers


This can be hard. Who doesn’t like to make a snarky comment about an annoying co-worker and let off some steam? More often than not, though, this coping strategy backfires. A co-worker overhears your words, or the person you confided in tattles on you. Before you know it you’ve contributed in a small way to a toxic office environment. The lesson here is to be an adult and to be professional. After all, you are at work, not at a party.


  1. Dress Appropriately


You will probably feel better about yourself and be more productive if you dress the part. Wear comfortable, suitable clothing that helps you feel relaxed. Tuck in your shirt, tie your shoes and keep your hair out of your eyes. Wear clothes that you like and that don’t make you feel self-conscious, which can be a distraction.


  1. Communicate Effectively and Professionally


How you talk and communicate can be a help or a hindrance to office productivity. Gossip, overly loud talk and excessive socializing can all be a barrier to an enjoyable office environment. On the other hand, clear and courteous conversation, with a purpose, can facilitate work and improve relationships. Make your words a force for good at the office.

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